About Us: Decode Automation

Who We Are

DECODE ELECTRICAL AUTOMATION was established in August 2001 but was incorporated into DECODE AUTOMATION Pty Ltd in 2008 and has been proudly trading ever since. We have two main branches.

Firstly we are a provider of custom and standard automation systems in almost any industry. 

Secondly we are the Australian and New Zealand distributor of AiRTX products. 

What We Do

Whilst there are many ‘off the shelf’ type applications out there in industry many suppliers wont touch the small to medium or ‘odd ball’ type jobs. 

Thats where Decode Automation can help. Little jobs with complex or unusual processes are normally too much trouble for many suppliers especially considering the time that will be spent in liason and the small return the supplier is anticipating. However, Decode Automation, being able to cater for small, medium or large projects, always loves a challenge!

Decode Automation Provides Services

  • Switchboard / MCC wiring and design

  • AiRTX products

  • Machine Safety Guarding

  • Industrial Breakdown and Maintenance

  • Appliance Safety Testing and Guarding

  • Domestic and Commercial Electrics

Custom Control Panel Specialists

We can provide: Small to large switchboards Control panels Wall mounted, Floor Standing. Custom Switchboard Fabrication. Wiring to AS3000 standards, terminal markers and wiring all numbered. Cad Drawings.