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AiRTX Air Knives deliver a powerful and UNIFORM stream of air that can be used for blow off, cooling, cleaning and more. From 3 inches to 3 feet you can choose between aluminium, stainless steel in 4 different profiles to suit your application. Suitable for many industries including food, woodworking, painting and textiles.

Aluminium Slimline Series 82000

Aluminium Slimline Series 82000

Slim Profile Energy Efficient

Aluminium Industrial Series 85000

Big Area Blow Off

Stainless Steel Series 80000

Food Grade Stainless Steel

Aluminium Hurrican Series 86000

Air Knife with Strongest Thrust

Air Knife with Strongest Thrust

Aluminium Slimline Series 82000

AiRTX Air Knive

Aluminium Slimline Series 82000 Product Images

Air Knives

Aluminium Slimline Series 82000

Aluminium Industrial  Series 85000

Air Knives

Stainless Steel Industrial Series 85000 Product Images

Stainless Steel Industrial Series 80000

Stainless Steel Industrial Series 80000


Stainless Steel Industrial Series 80000 Images

80003, 80006, 80012 80018, 80024, 80030 80036

80103, 80106, 80112 80118, 80124, 80030 80136

80203, 80206, 80212 80218, 80224, 80230 80236

Aluminium Hurricane Series 86000

Aluminium Hurricane Series 86000

Stainless Steel Industrial Series 86000 Images

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